Following is a list of the HOA Committees and their responsibilities. Each chairperson will be putting together Member Committees and would welcome Members with an interest in their areas of responsibility. If you have any questions or suggestions then please contact the appropriate chairperson below:
Architectural Control
The Architectural Control Committee reviews applications for exterior changes to your property and landscaping. Home owners must obtain approval prior to starting the project. This is to maintain continuity and beautification within our community. 
Contact:  Steve Immel
(317) 696-7898 
Communications: Newsletter Publisher, Website Administrator
Your 2024 Board of Directors wants to be more intentional about keeping our members informed of the news of their neighborhood. Towards that goal, Homeowner Communications will consist of emailed newsletters, news bulletins, and an updated website which is currently undergoing reconstruction:
Contact: Carol Smith

Landscaping, Ponds
Coordinates with our landscape company on new projects or problems in the neighborhood. Resolve any requests from property owners regarding Cherry Creek common areas. 
Contact:  Steve Immel, Vice-President 
(317) 696-7898 
Legal, Government
Will review the the HOA governing documents--CCRs and Bylaws--to recommend amendments to each that will benefit the Owner. Neither have been reviewed and updated since the end of the Development Period in 2011. The Bylaws can be amended by a vote of the Board of Directors; the CCRs must be approved and signed by at least seventy-five percent (75%) of the Owners.
Contact: John Keuth, President
(317) 416-5695
Playground, Basketball Court, Tennis Court, Trails
When maintenance, repairs or replacements are needed on any of these hardscape amenities, works with Management to solicit competitive bids to perform any needed work in a timely manner. 
Contact:  Cyndy Kendall, Treasurer

Outreach: Social Events, Pool, Poolhouse
Pool opens Memorial Day Weekend and will close after Labor Day weekend. A new bulletin board is being installed at the pool on which will be posted information of interest to the Owners by Management and the board. Members can also use the board to post information about e.g., lost pets, tennis lessons, swimming lessons, babysitting, etc. 
Contact: Pat Call, Outreach
(317) 840-0048